Is Your Bundle of Joy Looking for a Bundle of Fun?

We have toys for little ones in Evansville, IN

For a while, you could pacify your baby with silly faces and peek-a-boo. But your little one is growing up quickly, and you’re searching for new sources of entertainment. Our puppets will develop your child’s storytelling abilities, and a jack-in-the-box can provide hours of entertainment. Toys to Treasure is a toy store that serves the Tri-State region, including Evansville, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky. Every toy we carry is hand-tested by our staff and has to meet the following criteria:

  • Quality – no cheap or damaged parts for your family
  • Affordability – we won’t overcharge for developmental products
  • Fun – toys should always spark a child’s imagination

Toys to Treasure offers free gift wrapping throughout the year, and we’ll even create a wish list for each of your children. Not sure where to begin? We’ll ask a few questions about your child’s personality and select the best rattles, blocks and animals for them. Call 812-477-2720 to learn more.

At Toys to Treasure, you’ll enjoy:

  1. A positive, wholesome environment – our toy store is safe for children of all ages
  2. Personal shopping assistance – owners Kathy and Don strive to make the process hassle-free
  3. ASTRA approved products – the American Specialty Toy Retail Association has given our inventory their seal of approval

When Buying Toys For Babies Remember Your 5 Senses

  • SIGHT...Baby's eyesight is not well developed when he/she is born. Look for black & white toys for newborns. These fascinate babies even on their first day of life! Be sure that black & white items can be removed from a crib when the baby needs to sleep, because they are so stimulating that they will keep a baby awake.
  • TOUCH...Babies need to experience all kinds of textures. Look for rattles & playthings made of wood, smooth hard plastics, bumpy plastics, rubbery materials, satiny fabrics, "taggie" toys, and board books.
  • SMELL...Toys with gentle smells stimulate baby's mind. Look for toys with a light vanilla scent.
  • HEAR1NG...Babies have very sensitive ears. Look for toys that make gentle sounds, and read to baby simple stories!
  • TASTE...Babies chew on everything. This is good! That's one of the ways they make connections which helps them understand our world. Look for toys that feel good in a baby's mouth.