The Learning Doesn’t Just Happen at School

We supplement education with toys for all ages in Evansville, IN

As kids grow, it’s difficult to choose presents for them – especially if you have a large family. Whether you’re raising a bookworm, a future princess or an aspiring firefighter, you’ll find the essentials for imaginative play at Toys to Treasure. We not only provide Evansville, Indiana with fun games for children, but with toys for special needs children, too.

You’re bound to have a blast when you visit our locally owned and operated toy store, and we even offer free gift wrapping on all purchases! Our staff tests every game and puzzle – we want to make sure the fun factor is there. Contact us at 812-477-2720 with questions about our inventory.

We prioritize education and fun here at Toys to Treasure

Toys to Treasure pledges to help your young ones with:

  • Creative thinking – animals, knights and puppets can transport your child to another world
  • Social skills – playing games will teach your child how to approach winning and losing the right way
  • Problem solving – the entire family can work on puzzles during weeknights and weekends
  • Teamwork – cooperative games are a fun way for kids to work as a team. Science experiments are also opportunities for families to achieve a goal together.
  • Fine motor control – we stock thinking putty, colored pencils, building blocks and more
  • Following Directions - art activities, science experiments, building toys, and games are fun ways to learn the importance of following directions.

  • Take your child’s education to the next level. Toys to Treasure serves customers from Southern Illinois to Western Kentucky and beyond.