Toys Are the Building Blocks of Early Education

A specialty toy store in Evansville, Indiana

Your preschooler is developing a dynamic personality. It’s time to stimulate your child’s mind and developmental growth with new toys. Put the blankets and pacifiers aside, and come to Toys to Treasure. We carry a wide variety of fun and interactive toys for children! You’ll love browsing our selection of puppets, puzzles, books, and games for children.

As a specialty toy store, we have extremely high standards. Our inventory features fun products that will help your preschooler continue to grow. We also offer free gift wrapping all year long! Contact us at 812-477-2720 to create a wish list. We’ll hand-select toys based on your child’s preferences and needs.

3 ways to engage your child during playtime

If it’s been a while since you used your imagination, try:

  1. Playing Follow the Leader – you can teach your little one how to help around the house, play with others and just be goofy.
  2. Going on outdoor adventures – fresh air is good for growing lungs. See what treasures you can find in the woods or at the park.
  3. Crafting together – assembling puzzles, playing with clay or baking cookies will help you bond.

We look forward to meeting you and your family at our exceptional toy store!