Toys to Treasure has been with my family since I was a little girl. I remember going to their store when it was on Morgan Avenue. I always loved their toys, in fact I am pretty sure I still have a few toys that I have kept for all these years. And now that I am a mommy we still enjoy the wonderful toys that they offer. I especially love all the educational toys that they offer. Toys to Treasure is wonderful and I love what they represent. And PS. I love the website!! It looks great!


Toys to Treasure, truly sells toys that can be passed down from generation to generation. I love that all of the toys require that a child use their imagination.

Jenn Marrs

I can always find toys that will last, are always more fun than the latest trend and in all price ranges.


Going to Toys to Treasure is like walking back into childhood. The owners are friendly and they know their toys! They are always there to recommend the best toy for your child.

Robyn Merkel

Our best toys come from here.


My sister and I both have small children and we love Toys to Treasure. I live in Sumner, Illinois and we go to Toys to Treasure every time we go to Evansville. We love that they carry so many educational toys. We were both home-schooled and we find it important to make learning fun.


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