We’re Not Playing Games With You – Our Toys Really Are Exceptional

Children young and old love the Tri-State's premier toy store

You stayed up late the night before your child’s birthday scouring the internet for an incredible gift. You placed a rush order, but when the present arrived on your doorstep, you discovered it wasn’t all the website promised.

Tired of purchasing lackluster products sight unseen? The community in Evansville, IN trusts Toys to Treasure for mentally stimulating and visually appealing toys. We’ve provided puppets, puzzles, and games for children to the Tri-State region for almost 30 years!

Whether you’re in Western Kentucky or Southern Illinois, you can visit Toys to Treasure with the whole family. Owners Don and Kathy have created a welcoming environment, and we always enjoy meeting children with special needs. If your child prefers a calm environment, we’ll open early – just for you! Every kid should experience the magic of a toy store.

Finding the right toy is no trivial pursuit

Finding the right toy is no trivial pursuit

If it isn’t fun, you won’t find it on our shelves. Toys to Treasure sells unique books, stuffed animals, dolls and more. Unlike the mass market toy stores, we gear our inventory toward all sorts of learners and thinkers. We’ll demonstrate the wonder of storytelling by playing with puppets, and our knowledgeable staff can answer all your toy questions. Call 812-477-2720 to find out about creating a wish list.

4 types of toys for special needs children

Struggling to find toys for your special needs children? Toys to Treasure carries an excellent assortment of age-appropriate products. Here are four varieties of toy to consider:

  1. Oral motor toys – wooden whistles and bubbles can help your child improve breath control
  2. Fidget toys – stretchy objects, modeling clay and stress balls are useful for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  3. Sensory toys – anything that makes noise, changes shape or lights up will teach your child important cause and effect lessons
  4. Jigsaw puzzles – continue working on motor skills with your child by assembling each connecting piece

Feel free to call our toy store today for more recommendations! We’re ASTRA members and frequently receive new inventory.

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