Our Philosophy

We believe that it is important to fill our minds with things that are “good and worthy of praise…things that are true and honorable…right and pure…beautiful and respected.”  As a child grows the playthings he or she uses should provide positive play experiences that encourage creativity and wholesome learning.

Our Mission

It is our goal to offer parents, grandparents, teachers, and care-givers playthings that will help enrich the lives of their children.  We do this by hand selecting toys made of quality materials that are fun and encourage creative thinking.  Our guidance is also available in choosing toys that meet the different developmental needs of children.  Free gift wrapping is our way of saying thank you and another way we can help the busy families we serve.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a family who loved learning together.  They looked everywhere for toys, games, books, and other fun stuff, but they were often disappointed in what they found.  Sometimes they ordered a toy, but when they got it, it was too little and sometimes junky.  Sometimes the toys they saw were ugly and scary.
One day, daddy came home and said, “We need to find a new job.  What can we do to help people?” 
“Could we help families find cool stuff to play with?” the kids asked.
“Maybe.  Let’s research it and find out!”

So, the family traveled to other cities and looked at toy stores that sold all kinds of toys.  Momma got out her college research and books on child development and education and began to study in more detail, while daddy researched the important things necessary in running a business.  The children looked at pictures of playthings to find things that looked like fun.

Finding a place to sell the toys was a little tricky because the children were home-schooled and needed a schoolroom close to momma.  Finally, they found a place that was just right, so they rented it.  But something was missing!  Their toy store needed a name.

A family meeting was called, and everyone tried to think, think, think.  “We need a name that lets people know that we sell good toys, ones that help their families make good memories…you know, ones they will treasure.”
And… that’s the way we became Toys To Treasure.

It is now 29 years later, and Toys To Treasure is continuing the mission our family began all those years ago…providing our community with playthings that enrich the lives of children.

Fun Facts

  • Kathy had a one hour deadline to meet in creating our logo. She accomplished this by using the clown, blocks, and bear she doodled in church as a child.
  • Upon realizing he would be wrapping gifts in our store, Don took an old pair of blueprinter shears from his dad’s business. We still use them today and often hear, “Those are the biggest scissors I’ve ever seen!”
  • Our daughter, Jennifer, stood on a box behind the register to ring up customers when she was 5.
  • After working every jigsaw puzzle they owned and artfully arranging them, our children secretly charged our customers 10 cents to visit their “museum” in the back of our store.
  • Our son, Brent, boxed up his sister to ship to Abu Dhabi, but the UPS man dropped the box when he heard her scream. (Brent had packed her a pillow and food!)
  • Jennifer, previously a kindergarten teacher, now stays at home with her wonderful set of twin boys.
  • Jennifer has also researched ways to help children with dyslexia. Kathy helped her with these efforts and uses this knowledge daily in the store to help children with learning challenges.
  • Brent has a daughter, Lily, who is our big-kid toy tester. Jennifer's twin boys are now our little-kid toy testers!
  • We have been in business together for 29 years…and our marriage is alive & well!