Puzzled About What to Buy Your Child This Year?

Visit Evansville, Indiana’s preferred toy store

Toys to Treasure carries toys and games for children of all ages. We’ll help you choose from a broad selection of trending games, puzzles and stuffed animals.

Social interaction is one of the most important things for children to experience--and this doesn't stop when you become an adult! Toys to Treasure of Evansville, Indiana has one of the largest and most diverse selection of big kids toys in the region. From Western Kentucky to Southern Illinois, our customers come from miles around to see our offerings. Some of the most popular games currently are Snake Oil, Shaboom, and Happy Salmon. See our video of Happy Salmon in action!

Keep in mind that our Big Kids toys are for kids, college students, and adults alike! It's important for those of all ages to unplug and take a break from technology. Indulge in adult coloring therapy, center your mind with thinking putty, and relax by expressing creativity through artistic endeavors. If your purchase is for a friend or loved one, take advantage of our free gift wrapping!

Call 812-477-2720 to hear more about our toys for those with special needs. If your special needs child would like to avoid the crowds and browse our shop in a calm and quiet environment, we’ll open early – just for you.

Happy Salmon in Action!

3 tips for drafting the perfect wish list

Here are our tips for birthday and holiday shopping. Buy your girls and guys:

  1. Something to create
  2. Something to color
  3. Something to play with outside

This variety of items will foster indoor and outdoor play. Feel free to request a custom wish list from our helpful staff.